Thirteenth India Innovation Summit 2017

More than 40 eminent speakers deliberated through the two days of the summit.

More than 80 Media members including Print and Digital media joined to cover the Summit.
The Summit theme was “The New Wealth of Nation- Innovation & Intellectual Capital” which showcased many success stories driven by innovation.

Exclusive Exhibition on Innovative technologies across sectors.

More than 650 delegates who attended the two-day summit
Mr R V Deshpande, Hon’ble Industry Minister, Government of Karnataka addressed the Day-1 inaugural session of the 13th India Innovation Summit.
Mr Priyank Kharge, Hon’ble Minister for IT, Government of Karnataka, delivered the Inaugural Address at Day-2 of the Summit.
The session topics for the Summit were:

  1. Innovation by Teens
  2. Rise of machines and Future of Human Labour
  3. All systems digital – A cashless move
  4. Great Expectations – Scaling the consumption economy
  5. Banquet Session addressed by Sadhguru
  6. Society & Innovation
  7. Learning to unlearn – A digital immigrant’s dilemma

Twelfth India Innovation Summit 2016

More than 40 eminent speakers addressed the gathering across 2 days.
The Summit theme was “The Spirit of Innovation – Celebrating the Entrepreneur”

Mr R V Deshpande, Hon’ble Industry Minister addressed the Day 1 inaugural session of the 12th India
Innovation Summit.

International Speakers and their take on innovation was a highlight and attraction of the Summit.

Shobu Yarlagadda, the producer of millennial blockbuster Bahubali, addressed the Banquet Session
The session topics for the Summit were:

  1. Digital Media – The new gurus in Education and Entertainment
  2. Online Retail – Fashion and Food
  3. Innovation for Smart Cities
  4. Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  6. Fintech and Payment Systems

Healthcare Delivery on Cloud