Co-Founder, Str8bat, a sports technology company.

After spending close to 15 years in corporate career, Gagan has ventured into entrepreneurship. He is incubating a new venture called “str8bat” which uses state-of-art IoT based technology in order to give real time actionable insights to budding and professional players.

In his corporate avatar, Gagan was Business Strategy & Transformation industry expert who brought over a decade of leadership experience in management consulting, sales, business strategy and product development with a strong background in Information Technology. While he has worked with many senior executives to create many strategic roadmaps for business and IT, both internally within SAP and for large SAP clients, he has always been a believer of strong and focused execution delivering tangible business impact and has driven himself and his teams towards the same.


Technology in cricket is nothing new: The sport has embraced technological innovations for decades, from Hawkeye to Hot Spots to Snickometer. Coaches, players, umpires and more use emerging technology to improve their game. However, these innovations are largely limited to the sport’s professional world. For the vast number of amateur cricket players hoping to improve their game, there are few options.

Str8bat is named as one of the top 50 sports startups in the world by the Hype Foundation and was selected as a top 100 startup by the Karnataka state government’s ELEVATE 100 program.

Str8bat’s central tenet is to help both professionals and amateurs reach the top of their game. It’s egalitarian engineering for the aspiring athlete.

Str8bat’s central technology is a wearable device that cricketers attach to their bat. They play the game, and when they’re finished, they have a way to become better next time: The device feeds data to the player or coach’s phone, where they can see an animated model of their actions on the field with suggestions on how to improve.