Founder and Leader, Nomad Horizon Ltd – Israel

Gal is the founder and leader of Nomad Horizon Ltd., since 2013, a hub for technological and methodological R&D in innovativeness and innovation in education and work. Shahaf has over 25-year experience as academician and as hands-on entrepreneur. Gal has worked in the USA, Israel, Colombia, India, France and other countries as an entrepreneur in information-rich and knowledge immersed products for corporate, workplace and education.  He is co-Founder of MindCite and served as its CEO for 7 years, sold to Nice Inc., and an additional micro-billing information technology startup.

Shahaf worked for over 7 years in the US on NSF and Office of Technology (OTA) of the US Congress projects in project management, research and development, and on the EU 5th Framework Programs on 3D and AI workplace training environments and other innovative projects for information use at work and school. Gal Researched and wrote about use of AI-mediated engineering program for teaching students about civil engineering tasks.  Shahaf consulted to companies on product and process development for AI, Internet environments and innovation processes, including NYNEX on improving their AI-based support, Apple, Q Group, Time to Know.  Last 3 years he has trained and lectured by invitation teachers and academicians in Mumbai, India, on school innovation and new pedagogies.

Shahaf managed for 4 years the Computers for Education division at the Centre for Education Technology, Israel, and developed a range of concepts and online products. Gal consulted to numerous educational organizations to formulate, design, launch and operate initiatives, including to the division for R&D and experimental and innovative at Israel Ministry of Education.