Global Head & CEO,  TMC shipping Pvt Ltd

Anil Jinsi Global Head of TMC shipping Pvt. Ltd. with his explosion of highly publicized professional experience and successes in the past, the Entrepreneurial style of his Management as Head of the organization is enjoying an unprecedented respect in business circle. He has been working for Educational companies, since long and has Thirty years of professional experience, out of which two decades have been spent with Educational Institutions having Exposure and expertise in all segments From Higher education to Information Technology and from Health care to Glamour Education.
He has been strategic Head and has held various senior positions in different organizations from time to time. From Vice-president to vice-chairman and now presently he is holding Global position in TMC shipping Pvt. Ltd. His core competency is in Admin, Franchising, strategy-planning, Execution of Projects, Developing and Networking with New Enterprise.
Hard core Educational Speaker, Golfer and Member of Various Prestigious Clubs. Member of Indian speakers bureau as well.