Chief Architect and Fellow Data Science & AI, Philips HealthSuite Insights

Vijayananda has been in the IT industry for over 22 years.

He has been primarily in Medical and HealthCare domain although started his career in Telecom domain.

Vijay was fortunate to be part of couple of projects having complex design/Architecture problems involving huge amount of data. Gained expertise in creating real time streaming/compression data for fast access to medical images for Radiologists in Medical viewing workstations. Designed custom Medical Databases for fast store and retrieve.

In the last 5 years, Vijay has been spending in designing approaches for managing huge amount of data on the cloud and mechanisms to productionise predictive models for number of Philips internal business units.

Vijay’s focus has been primarily focussing on Machine learning and Deep Learning in the Medical domain. Some examples include creating a deep learning model that can detect presence of TB in a Chest XRay.

Vijay is currently the Chief Architect and Fellow in the area of artificial intelligence within Philips and leads the Data Science and AI platform in Philips – called “HealthSuite Insights” ( – which provides a development environment for Data Scientists to build predictive analytics and decision support algorithms, leveraging traditional and contemporary (AI) ML algorithms. This platform also provides mechanisms to deploy the models and score them at scale – both On-Premises and On-Cloud

Apart from supporting his team, he spends considerable time with Radiologists, Neurologists, Oncologists in trying to understand how ML/AI can benefit and help them.

He has, to his credit, a number of technical papers in several conferences and has been speaker in many IEEE conferences.