Managing Director, 
Accenture Technology, India

Lead – myXperience Council;
Executive Sponsor – Automation Engineering Services

Raghavan Iyer is the Managing Director and Lead for the Avanade Advanced Technology Centers (ATCs) at Accenture. In his current role, he manages a global team of professionals and has been instrumental in establishing ATCs as Avanade’s delivery backbone. Under his leadership, the Avanade ATC team today boasts of 16,000 Microsoft-certified professionals, including 20 Microsoft Certified Masters, Microsoft Certified Architects and Most Valuable Professionals.

Raghavan also leads the People Council at Accenture’s Advanced Technology Centers in India. He has been instrumental in conceptualizing the myXperience program that upgrades the organizational connect of our resources, from engagement to experience. He also spearheaded the rollout of this flagship program for all the resources across Accenture’s ATC in India

Raghavan is also the sponsor for the Automation Engineering Services (AES) business at Accenture Technology, globally. AES is the go-to-market nodal point for intelligent automation related offerings. Intelligent automation encompasses wide variety of techniques ranging from Robotics Process Automation and other Artificial Intelligence techniques like (Cognitive, Virtual Agents, Machine Learning and Deep Learning etc.). Under Raghavan’s leadership, AES has evolved as one of the growth drivers for Accenture.

In 2013-14, Raghavan was appointed as the Lead for the Innovation Council at Accenture’s Technology Centers in India, with a charter to establish a clear intent and strategy for innovation and mature the innovation delivery. During this stint, Raghavan led the effort to develop an Innovation Framework for Accenture’s Technology Centers in India, including the key pillars of Innovation Network, Platform, Processes & Practices, and Culture. The Innovation Council has since successfully helped build a culture focused on client-centric innovation and drive innovation-led outcomes for Accenture’s clients.

Prior to his current role, Raghavan held several other leadership roles within Accenture – including setting up Accenture’s IT Outsourcing capabilities in India, setting up the Life Sciences practice as part of the Products Operating Group, and leading Application Outsourcing delivery for the Products and H&PS Operating Groups.

Raghavan is a Computer Science Engineering graduate from the University of Mumbai and has over 26 years of experience in the IT industry. Before joining Accenture, he worked in the US for more than a decade with companies such as Syntel and Honeywell.