Senior Manager, Government Affairs, BMW Group Region China


Jun. 2017 – Present : Senior Manager, Government Affairs, BMW Group Region China, Beijing, China.
Leading the BMW regulatory team for Intelligent and Connected vehicles. Working closely with the BMW team for automated driving development on strategic and regulatory issues. Working to enable increased international cooperation and lobbying for regulations to ensure safety and data privacy, but at the same time enable innovation.
Skills acquired: leadership, governmental relations, presentation/public speaking, team working, networking, adaptability

Sep. 2015 – Jun. 2017 : Project Leader “New Energy Vehicle Strategy Initiative” for China, BMW Group Region China, Beijing, China.
Responsible for a cross-functional corporate strategy project aimed to analyse NEV market evelopment and make recommendations for product and portfolio strategy. Work packages include lobbying, regulatory forecast, analysis of market/sales, competition, customer preferences, EV charging infrastructure and product strategy / product management.
Skills acquired: leadership, project management, presentation/public speaking, deadline success, team working, adaptability

Nov. 2012 – Sep. 2015 : Product Manager Powertrain, BMW Group, Munich, Germany
Represented the sales & marketing position in the corporate strategy. Responsible for all CO2 related topics from a product management perspective, as well as for the early development stage of gearbox development. Lead development of a CO2 tax calculator app for iPad.
Skills acquired: customer/market/sales understanding, corporate strategy, handling pressure, self-confidence, creativity

Apr. 2008 – Nov. 2012 : Development Engineer Hybrid Vehicles, BMW Group, Munich, Germany
Project leader for the operating strategy of plug-in-hybrid vehicles. Lead of cross-functional development team. Coordination of vehicle modelling and simulation. Mentoring of three master thesis projects.
Skills acquired: collaboration, problem solving, computer programming

 Aug. 2006 – Apr. 2008 : Development Engineer Hybrid Vehicles, BMW Group, Troy, Michigan, USA
Responsible for the further development of the BMW/GM/DCX cooperation specific Dymola library for hybrid vehicle fuel consumtion and performance simulations.

Jun. 2005 – Aug. 2006 : Simulation specialist, Tesis DYNAware GmbH, Munich, Germany
Employed as a consultant for BMW AG´s department for energy management. Developing models of and control algorithms for hybrid /vehicles in order to refine the overall vehicle control strategy and estimate fuel consumption and performance.

Nov. 2004 – Jun. 2005 : Master Thesis, BMW Group, Munich, Germany
Master thesis project concerning design, modeling and control of an advanced power supply system in Dymola. The goal was to reduce fuel consumption by regeneration of braking energy. Evaluation of the system through simulations and measurements on a prototype vehicle.

Aug. 2004 – Nov. 2004 : Working student, BMW Group, Munich, Germany
Improved the simulation tools and developed models for analysis and simulation of the electrical system in vehicles. Conducted tests and modeled double layer capacitors and batteries.