14th India Innovation Summit – 2018

About Summit

CII is organizing its annual flagship event Fourteenth India Innovation Summit 2018 on Thursday, Friday, 12th & 13th July, 2018 at The LaLiT Ashok, Bengaluru. The theme of the Fourteenth India Innovation Summit is “India.AI – Driving the future for the world”. The India Innovation Summit is the flagship national event of CII in Bangalore since 2005 and it is the Fourteenth edition in a row.

Who can attend

CEO’s/CXO’s,  Functional Heads,  Evangelists, Technical Strategists Design thinkers, Academia/ Students 

Summit Highlights

► High profile speakers
► International Participation
► CII-3M Student Challenge
► Exhibition to showcase innovation
► Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Hackathon


Delegate Fees (Exclusive of 18% GST)

• 10% Early Bird Discount till 30 May 2018.

• 10% discount on 3 and above nominations from same organisation.

• Prior registration is mandatory, registration fee- Non- refundable, however change in nomination possible.


Thursday, 12 July, 1430-1700 hrs : Introduction to AI and Image Recognition using Neural Networks


The workshop has been designed to give participants an overview of Artificial Intelligence and its subdomain Machine Learning, and hands-on experience with creating a neural network to do image recognition.


– To get an overview of AI – Fundamentals of AI and ML, Supervised vs Unsupervised learning and when to use each, usecases for AI

– Introduction to Neural Networks – Fundamentals of neural networks, functioning of NNs, types of NNs

– Hands-on session: Image Recognition
  a.    Edge detection and use of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for image recognition
  b.    Environment setup – Google Collab
  c.    Creating a simple CNN and training it to do image recognition for hand-written digits in the MNIST database
  d.    Typical challenges in implementation


– Individuals with knowledge of any programming language (python is a plus but not required)

– Ideal for beginners to AI with sufficient interest to learn and a willingness to get their hands dirty. No restrictions in terms of industry, role, or seniority, however, this workshop will not be useful to those who are already at intermediate or advanced levels in AI.


– Basic understanding of AI and be able to identify potential usecases and approaches.

– Build an intuitive understanding on how neural networks learn and get an inside look at the implementation of convolutional neural networks.

– Get access to resources and networks needed to leverage AI for their organisations and their careers.

Friday, 13 July, 1130-1330 hrs : Design Matters : Experience Design Thinking by attempting a challenge


– “Design Matters” is a 1.5 hour fun and challenging, experiential design thinking [DT] workshop where you can get your hands dirty in designing a quick solution to a challenge. Its a short detour from listening to doing, and collaborating with Bangalore’s brilliant minds.

– At Design Matters, you have the opportunity to participate in a gamified session on DT, where you compete in opposing teams to create the top solution to a shared problem, while either following or rejecting the Design Thinking principles.

– You choose between Data and People to understand the problem at hand and then attempt to create a prototype solution, in the best possible time. All solutions are then presented by respective teams to see what works better given the nature of the problem.

– The workshop aims to demonstrate, in very short time, the practical functioning of DT, while using it in a problem solving design environment, with a team of many individuals. We hope it will help you to consider DT in your own development environments, while working with various clients and stakeholders.


– Individuals with little or no experience in DT.

– It is for both who love and who critique DT.

– Individuals who like to do create with their hands, and need a timeout from listening to talks and panels.

– Designers and non-designers are both welcome.


– To get a practical experience in DT

– To actually see the difference between DT and presumptive product design

– To solve a challenge and have fun with others


– Basic DT skills

– Networking opportunity

– Complement the practitioner views of the conference with an experiential journey of DT

13 JULY 2018 | 1430-1530 hrs

Showcase your Creativity, share your Ideas, demonstrate your Product and be in line to get mentored by inspirational leaders!

CII is organizing Pitch Perfect alongside its 14th India Innovation Summit.

The startups will be screened for the basic product idea, demo status and business plan/traction to ensure that the idea is a valid proposition; shows some real product or service beyond a mere idea; addresses a specific market opportunity and a good core team.

Panel of investors (sharks) would listen to pitches from entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking funding for their business, products, or services. The sharks will select about 2 out of 5 pitches for funding discussion and mentoring!

* Last date for receiving filled in application form is 5 July 2018


  •  Start-up stage
  • Not previously funded
  • Demo product to show (No PowerPoint )
  • Founders to be present