Day 1: Thursday, 12 July 2018

0930 – 1050 hrs   Inaugural Session

0930 – 0935 hrs Welcome Address Dr N Muthukumar
Chairman, CII Karnataka

0935 – 0945 hrs


Theme Address


Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan
India Innovation Summit
0945 – 1000 hrs Special Address

Mr Vijay Thadani
Vice Chairman and Managing Director
NIIT Limited


1000 – 1005 hrs


Special Address 
through video link

Mr Amitabh Kant
Chief Executive Officer
NITI Aayog

1005- 1020 hrs


Keynote Address


Mr K J George
Hon’ble Minister for Large & Medium
Industries and IT & BT
Government of Karnataka
1020-1035 hrs Inaugural Address by Chief Guest Mr H D Kumaraswamy
Chief Minister of Karnataka

1035 – 1040 hrs

Address ( Recorded)


Mr Suresh Prabhu
Hon’ble Minister of Commerce and Industry
Government of India
1040 – 1045 hrs Concluding Remarks Dr N Muthu Kumar


1045 – 1115 hrs  Exhibition Inauguration & Walkthrough

Innovation, Policy, Collaboration

1115 – 1215 hrs


Corporate/Country Panel-1


Hosted by Ms Rekha M Menon
Chairman & Sr Managing Director
Accenture in India
Prof Mario Sergio Salerno
Full Professor, Production Engineering
Department, Polytechnic School
University of São Paulo
Mr Venugopal Ganapathy
Co-founder & CEO
Axilor Ventures
Prof Rishikesha Krishnan
Indian Institute Of Management, Indore

1230 – 1330 hrs

Corporate/Country Panel-2

Hosted by Dr Gopichand Katragadda
Group CTO
Tata Group

Prof V Valli Kumari
Chief Executive officer
AP Innovation Society
Govt of Andhra Pradesh

Dr Shahaf Gal
Founder and leader
Nomad Horizon Ltd – Israel
Mr Vijayananda J
Chief Architect and Fellow Data Science & AI
Philips HealthSuite Insights

1330 – 1430 hrs   Lunch

1430 – 1530 hrs  Session 1 – Learning with Machines & Session 2 – Drivers are Us


Break-out Session 1: Learning with Machines

This session explores the impact of AI/ML on learning Systems in the context spaces of Campus learning,  Competitive learning and Corporate skilling. The specific learning outcomes, personalized learning paths and bot curated content are some of the topics discussed both from a learner view point and a trainer view point.
Will Guru be a machine in future?

 Break-out Session 2: Drivers are Us

The session delves into the interaction spaces of person and machine in the context of mobility. The tradeoff’s, benefits and risks of autonomous and assisted driver systems are explored from technical capability vs maturity; human centric vs machine centric design and innovation vs risk dimensions in the Indian context.
Will humans ever need to drive in future?

Opening remarks by Session Chair

Mr Ajay Nanavati
Grey Gurus Management Advisors LLP

Opening remarks by Session Chair

Mr Kamal Bali
President & Managing Director
Volvo Group India

Dr Anil Srinivasan

Mr Raghavan Iyer
Managing Director
Accenture Technology, India

Dr Joseph George
Workplace Catalysts LLP

Mr Henrik Wigermo
Senior Manager Government Affairs, Special Projects
BMW Group Region China

Mr Nitin Pai
Sr Vice President Marketing & Strategy
Tata Elxsi

Mr Charles Frump
Managing Director
Volvo Cars India

Closing Remarks
Mr Ajay Nanavati
Closing Remarks
Mr Kamal Bali


1430 – 1700 hrs   Workshop on AI       

Applied Singularity team
Mr Nihal Kashinath
Founder & CEO
Applied Singularity

1530 – 1600 hrs   Tea / Coffee

1600 – 1700 hrs  Session 3 – A farm with a Mind & Session 4 – Algorithms Gone Wild

Break-out Session 3: A farm with a mind

The role and scale of impact of AI/ML systems across the agriculture value chain is deliberated in this session. The stages of seeding, spraying, feed monitoring and harvesting are discussed in detail. The level of automation from farm to fork is a critical element in agri supply chain. The impact of machine led productivity on human labour is explored in this session.
Can AI/ML address the expertise gap on the farm?

Break-out Session 4: Algorithms Gone Wild

The session explores the risks of algorithms Going wild or rogue in AI/ML context. Given the increasing level of automated and autonomous systems in the world now, the risk of Algos creating havoc is real. The kind of interventions and checks needed to address this risk are debated in depth to cover SW agents, Autonomous machines and decision systems.
How should we deal with a runaway Algo?

Opening remarks by Session Chair

Mr K R Venkatadri
Chief Operating Officer
Rallis India Ltd

Opening remarks by Session Chair

Mr K R Sanjiv
Chief Technology Officer
Wipro Technologies Ltd

Mr Nagaraja Prakasam
Acumern Fund

Mr Ranjith Mukundan
Stellapps Technologies

Dr Piyush Mishra
DGM- Group Technology & Innovation Office
Tata Service

Mr Shiv Kumar Bhasin
Chief Technology Officer
State Bank of India

Mr Sudipta Ghosh

Mr Rohan K George
Samvad Partners

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh
Chief Information and Innovation Officer
Tata SIA Airlines Limited

Closing Remarks
Mr K R Venkatadri
Closing Remarks
Mr K R Sanjiv

1700 – 1730 Hrs  New opportunities with new age technology- A Young Indians perspective

Session Anchor


Mr Laeeq Ali
Serial Entrepreneur & Brand Consultant
Chairperson, CII – Young Indians Bengaluru






Mr Kuldeep Chaudhary
Mr Vrishab Krishna
Kanna – Amblyopia Eye Screening Technology
Mr Gagan Daga
Co-Founder, Str8bat

1800 – 2030 hrs   Banquet Session: Student Challenge and Dinner talk

The session highlights the top 3 of the CII-3M student challenge for innovation in the areas of innovation for national missions. The session concludes with an experience sharing by a renowned personality with a unique blend of artistic talent and technology expertise.

1810 hrs Opening remarks  Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan
1815 hrs Student Presentations Finalists – CII-3M Student Challenge

1905 hrs


Award ceremony


Ms Debarati Sen
Managing Director
3M India Limited
1920 hrs Dinner Talk  Digital Doubles- A journey through  Hollywood
Mr Biren Ghose
Country Head for India
2020 hrs Closing Remarks Dr N MuthuKumar
2030 hrs Networking Dinner

      End of Day 1 Sessions

Day 2: Friday, 13 July 2018

0930 -1030 hrs Opening / Policy Keynote Panel Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan
Mr Gaurav Gupta, IAS
Principal Secretary
Department of IT, BT and S&T
Government of Karnataka
Ms Dana Kursh
Consul General of Israel to South India
Mr Niklas Gustafsson
Chief Sustainability Officer
Volvo Group, Sweden

1030 -1130 hrs


Corporate/Country Panel-3


Mr Ashank Desai
Mastek Ltd
Ms Jennifer Daubeny
Consul General
High Commission of Canada
Dr Gregg Collins
Chief Scientist
Mr Manish Singhal
Founding Partner
Pi Ventures

1130 – 1230 hrs  Session 5: Are you being served? & Session 6: In harmony with machines

Break-out Session 5: Are you being served?

The gradual replacement of human agents interface in service delivery systems in both public domain and private enterprise domain is changing the style, content and perception of services for the end user. The session builds up the perspective across various sectors in India and debates the changes in both systems design and end user experience in the changed environment.
Should human agents exist in service delivery?

Break-out Session 6: In harmony with machines

This session creates an interesting setting to debate the capability, maturity and acceptance of AI/ML in creative arts domain. The discussion covers the intriguing questions about the role and relevance of AI in right brain led systems of music, art and scriptures in India. The debate is about the advances in these systems from both the artist view and from a system design view.
Can machines get creative like humans?

Opening remarks by Session Chair

Mr L Krishnan
Managing Director
Taegutec India Private Ltd

Opening remarks by Session Chair

Mr Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi
Co-founder & CTO
Crayon Data

Mr Rahul Garg
Chief Executive Officer

Mr Suresh M Khadakbhavi
General Manager Innovation Lab
Bangalore International Airport Limited

Ms Vijaya Deepti
Chief Executive Officer
Tata Insights & Quants

Mr Prabhakar Kulkarni
Head of Content
Oust Labs

Dr Deepti Navaratna
Regional Director
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts

Dr Ramachandra Budihal
Principal Scientist, Wipro & TED Speaker & Researcher
Indic Knowledge systems      

Mr Pradeep Jankiraman
Drive Visual Data Analytics

Closing Remarks
Mr L Krishnan
Closing Remarks
Mr Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi

1230 – 1330 hrs  Session 7: Machines at work – & Session 8: Machines which care
Jobs of future

Break-out Session 7: Machines at work – Jobs of  future

There is an intense and active debate about the role of AI/ML in labour intensive industries covering both blue collar and white collar segments. The session deliberates The role and importance of human skill and judgment in the blended workforce of the future. The argument about whether we compete or collaborate with intelligent machines and what kind of skills make us sustain in the future are explored in this session.
How do we humanize work?

Break-out Session 8: Machines which care

The impact of AI/ML in healthcare industry is explored in this session. The level of traction for AI/ML in clinical care, diagnostic systems, critical Illness detection and public health are debated in detail. The significance for India is analyzed in detail covering tropical diseases, structural challenges and patient systems in rural India.
Can the maturity of AI/ML solve the issues of scaling the skilled resources for rural healthcare?

Opening Remarks by Session Chair

Mr Sunit Sinha
Managing Director-Strategy, Talent & Organization

Opening Remarks by Session Chair

Dr Taslimarif Saiyed
Director & CEO
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP)

Mr Sameer Dhanrajani
Chief Strategy Officer
Fractal Analytics

Mr Anil Jinsi
Global Head & CEO
TMC shipping Pvt Ltd

Mr Jagannath V
Director of the Board & Senior Vice President
FANUC India Pvt Ltd


Mr Divesh Singla
Director Commercial Services
Eli Lilly Services India Private Limited

Mr Adarsh Natarajan
CEO & Founder
Aindra Systems Pvt Ltd

Mr Rohit Kumar Pandey
Co-founder & CEO
SigTuple Technologies Pvt Ltd

Closing Remarks
Mr Sunit Sinha
Closing Remarks
Dr Taslimarif Saiyed
1130 – 1330 hrs   Workshop on Design thinking 
Mr Abhijit Sinha
Founder & CEO
Project Defy

1330 – 1430 hrs   Lunch

1430 – 1530 hrs 

Pitch Perfect – Start-up’s 5 minute pitch for Investor funding Ms Payal Shah
Head Investments
Axilor Ventures

Mr Avnish Sabharwal
Managing Director
Accenture in India

Mr Venkat Raju
Angel Investor

1530 – 1615 hrs   Championing AI for the world

Session Anchor

Mr Sapnesh Lalla
Chief Executive Officer

AI from Retail Sector


Mr Somu Vadali
Chief of Data and Products, CnD Labs
Future Group

Developing AI Skills Ecosystem


Dr Kingshuk Banerjee
Director – Global Delivery,
Cognitive Computing and Analytics, IBM

Applying AI Research for Economic Growth


Mr Narendra Bhandari
GM-Cloud Division

1615 – 1700 hrs  Pitch Perfect Winners & Closing Ceremony

1615-1620 hrs Welcome Remarks & Hackathon winners – Recognition

Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan

1620-1630 hrs Felicitation of the Summit sponsors

1630-1640 hrs


Summit wrap-up by


Mr Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi (IVK)
Co-Founder & CTO
Crayon Data Pte
1640-1645 hrs Closing Remarks Dr N Muthukumar
1655-1650 hrs Announcing Closing of 14th India Innovation Summit

Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan


1650 hrs   Tea / Coffee Break

End of Day 2 Sessions & Close