Day-1: 21 August 2019

0830 – 0930 Hrs Registration

0930 – 1030 Hrs

Inaugural Session


0930 Hrs

Welcome Address

Mr Sandeep Maini

Past Chairman, CII Karnataka &

Chairman, Maini Group

0935 Hrs

Opening Remarks & Context Setting

Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan

Past President, CII & Chairman, India Innovation Summit & Chairman, Axilor Ventures, Co-Founder, Infosys Limited

0945 Hrs

Special Address

Ms Rekha M. Menon

Chairman & Senior Managing Director, Accenture in India

1000 Hrs

Special Address

Dr Omkar Rai

Director General


1015 Hrs

Special Address

Ms Nicole Girard

Consul General

Consulate General of Canada

1030 Hrs

Keynote Address

Dr E V Ramana Reddy, IAS

Additional Chief Secretary

Department of IT& BT and S&T

Government of Karnataka

1045 Hrs

Vote of Thanks

Mr Sandeep Singh

Vice Chairman, CII Karnataka State Council & Managing Director, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd


1050 – 1100 Hrs

Tea/Coffee Break. Experience Zone & Exhibition Walkthrough by the Dignitaries


1100 – 1215 Hrs

Session 1: India on Vocation – All hands at Work

As India’s services sector grows, the need for vocational skills increases. The maturing of the skills sector results in the formalisation of skill profiles and competence assessments for hiring by the diverse sectors of industry. The services at your door step phenomenon is creating demand for many types of service professionals for home consumer while the CSR initiatives of the corporates drive the standardisation of skill maps. The session delves into these new facets of vocational skills;debates the new age skills, models of skilling, training & capital structures which drive them.

1100 Hrs

Opening Remarks by

Mr L Ravichandran

President & COO  

Tech Mahindra

1105 Hrs

Keynote Address by

Mr Narayanan Ramaswamy

Managing Partner & Head of Education Practice, KPMG

1125 Hrs

Panel Discussion

Mr Vipul Redey

Head, School Enablement

Khan Academy



Mr Madan Padaki

Founder & CEO




Ms Kshitija Krishnaswamy

Director Corporate Citizenship

Accenture in India

1200 Hrs



1210 Hrs

Closing Remarks by

Mr L Ravichandran

1215- 1330 Hrs

Session –2: Our Earth- Now or Never

The ongoing debate of the climate change and its effect on our planet is something that cannot be ignored or delayed as an academic analysis or a sporadic event. It has started changing our rain seasons; sowing patterns; heat zones and coastlines to the extent that it is impacting business models, citizen health, national output and perhaps our survival in the medium term. The session covers the multi dimensional and inter-disciplinary nature of this impact and the choice we have got before us so that we leave our planet for the next generation in a sustainable way.

1215 Hrs

Opening Remarks by

Mr Alok Nanda

Managing Director & CTO

GE India Technology Centre Pvt Ltd

1220 Hrs

Keynote Address by

Mr Vishvesh Prabhakar

Managing Director, Global Consulting

Accenture Strategy

1250 Hrs

Panel Discussion

Mr Abhishek Goyal

Tata Sustainability Group

Tata Sons Ltd



Mr Punit Desai

Head Infrastructure

Infosys Ltd



Mr Venkatesh Valluri

Founder & Chairman

Valluri Change Foundation




Mr Santhosh Vasanthakumar

Sr. General Manager Head, Mobility Solutions

Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited

1315 Hrs



1325 Hrs

Closing Remarks by

Mr Alok Nanda


1330 Hrs



1430 – 1545 Hrs

Session 3: Our Connected Life- Living in a 5G World

The emergence of machine era and our life in a connected world with a blend of machines and humans drives a different set of services and behaviours for an ordinary consumer. The mix of autonomous, semi autonomous and manual services in our consumer life challenges societal practices, behaviours and skill sets needed to thrive in a hyper connected world. The technical boundaries melt away while the cultural boundaries raise in this new world and start impacting human relationships and transactions. The session delves into these lives of the hyper connected world and how it can co-exist with the unique identities of different cultures.

1430 Hrs

Opening Remarks by

Mr K R Sanjiv

Chief Technology Officer

Wipro Technologies Ltd

1435 Hrs

Keynote Address by

Ms Pamela Kumar

Director General, Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI)

1505 Hrs

Panel Discussion

Dr Balamuralidhar P

Principal Scientist TCS

Corporate Research and Innovation Organization



Prof Chandra R Murthy

Professor, Electrical Communication Engineering Dept, IISC



Mr Krishnamurty Ramamurty

Managing Director and Industry Group Lead – Communications, Media, Technology (CMT) Accenture’s Advanced Technology Centers in India (ATCI)

1530 Hrs



1540 Hrs

Closing Remarks by

Mr K R Sanjiv

1545 – 1615 Hrs: 

Tea / Coffee Break


1615 – 1730 Hrs

Session 4: Words are Us- A language to Remember

The proliferation of mobile data services in rural India is driving the engagement with many digital services for delivery. The change in demographic ratio is creating a robust demand for local language services and vernacular support for digital applications. The impact of work related migration creates demand for common trade supported languages like English and Hindi, but it creates a longing for the native language learning as well. As language is the primary symbol of local culture in a region, there is  a convergence of transaction affinity and cultural affinity. The session discusses the future of local languages in terms of business potential, cultural legacy and preservation and the impact of technology on this domain in terms of common script, digitization and archival/retrieval.

1615 Hrs

Opening Remarks by

Prof Suresh B



1620 Hrs

Keynote Address by

Dr Pushpak Bhattacharyya

IIT Bombay

1650 Hrs

Panel Discussion

Mr Samith Ramachandran

Senior Vice President and Head of Products & Technology




Prof Rajesh Kumar

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Madras



Mr Mohammed Hisamuddin

Founder & CEO, Entri app

1715 Hrs



1725 Hrs

Closing Remarks by

Prof Suresh B


1730 – 1800 Hrs

Break for Banquet Session


1800 – 2020 Hrs

Banquet Session: Student Challenge and Dinner Talk

The session highlights the top 3 of the CII-3M student challenge for innovation in the areas of innovation for national missions. The session concludes with an experience sharing by a renowned personality with a unique blend of artistic talent and technology expertise.

1800 Hrs

Opening remarks

Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan

Chairman, India Innovation Summit

1805 Hrs

An Overview of Challenge 2019

Mr Ramesh Ramadurai

Managing Director, 3M India Ltd

1810 Hrs

Young Innovator’s Presentation

Finalists – CII – 3M Student Challenge

1900 Hrs

Award Ceremony


1915 Hrs

Dinner Talk “From Inspiration to Innovation- An artist’s journey”

A Conversation with Experts


Moderated by:


Mr L Krishnan

Past Chairman, CII Karnartaka &

Managing Director, Taegutec India Pvt Ltd


Ms Manasi Prasad
Director Classical vocalist & Museum director – Indian Music Experience


·         Mr Mahesh Raghvan

          Indian Classical Musician &

          Music Producer,

          Creative Director of IndianRaga

·         Mr Vishnu Ramprasad

          Guitarist, Composer &

          Inventor of Navtar®  

·         Ms Rukmini Vijayakumar

          Bharatanatyam dancer,  

          Choreographer, Artistic Director

          Raadha Kalpa dance company  



2020 Hrs

Closing Remark

Mr L Krishnan


2025 Hrs Dinner Begins and Close of Day-1

Day-2: 22 August 2019

0930 – 1030 Hrs

Day-2 – Inaugural Session


0930 Hrs

Opening Remarks

Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan

Past President, CII & Chairman, India Innovation Summit & Chairman, Axilor Ventures, Co-Founder, Infosys Limited

0935 Hrs

Special Address by

Mr Shekar Viswanathan

Past Chairman CII &

Vice Chairman and Whole Time Director

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd

0945 Hrs

Special Address by

Mr Gaurav Gupta, IAS

Principal Secretary

Department of Industries and Commerce

Government of Karnataka

0955 Hrs

Keynote Address on “Are we being watched–Privacy and Public Good”

Prof Rishikesha Krishnan

Professor – Strategy

IIM Bangalore

1015 Hrs

Closing Remarks

 Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan

1015 – 1045 Hrs

Tea/Coffee Break and Exhibition Walkthrough by the Dignitaries


1045 – 1155 Hrs

Session 5: A Time to refuel- New Engines of Mobility

The stricter emission norms and the planet focus are driving the adoption of non-fossil fuels in the transportation industry. The mass transportation segment in the urban zone is changing rapidly and is perhaps the first point of inflection for electric vehicle usage. The growth of corporate campuses, apartment complexes and the high foot fall zones of transit points of airport, metro station and shopping zones is driving the rapid last mile usage of EV segment. The session deliberates the opportunity, policy enablers, skill gaps and economics of mobility in this context.

1040 Hrs

Opening Remarks by

Mr Kamal Bali

Past Chairman, CII &

President & Managing Director, Volvo Group India Pvt Ltd

1045 Hrs

Keynote Address by

Dr V K Saraswat

Former Secretary Defence R&D

& Member, NITI Aayog

1115 Hrs

Panel Discussion

Prof R V Ravikrishna

Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore



Ms Gunjan Krishna, IAS

Commissioner for Industrial Development & Director of Industries and Commerce

Government of Karnataka



Mr Vivekananda Hallekere

CEO & Co Founder, Bounce



Mr Nitin Pai

Head – Strategy and WW Marketing

Tata Elxsi



Mr Naveen Soni

Vice President

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd

1145 Hrs



1200 Hrs

Closing Remarks by

Mr Naveen Soni

Vice President

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd


Session 6: Stay Well Stay Fit-India on a Run

The proliferation of visual media through both TV and Mobile changed the visual appeal and expectations of everyone’s physical and mental personalities. The image make over interest coupled with the focus on healthy lifestyle is driving many of the wellness based activities and diets in India. The rise of fitness devices integrated with mobile phones is changing the qualitative lifestyle dimensions into a quantitative fitness paramaters with goal tracking and community sharing. The session debates these trends from health sciences view; technology view and societal expectations view to unravel the innovations in these pursuits.

1200 Hrs

Opening Remarks by

Dr Vikram Venkateswaran

Director Risk Advisory

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP

1205 Hrs

Keynote Address by

Mr Vikram Damodaran

Chief Product Officer

GE Healthcare


Panel Discussion

Mr Ravinder Singh

Senior Industry Principal – Life Sciences

Infosys Limited



Dr Geetha Manjunath

Founder & CEO, Niramai 



Dr Nachiket Kosode

Center Head, Abhinav Bindra Performing Centre Bangalore



Dr Gaurav Laroia

Sr VP, Biocon Biologics  

1305 Hrs



1315 Hrs

Closing Remarks by

Dr Vikram Venkateswaran

1310 – 1400 Hrs

Lunch Break


1400- 1500 Hrs

Session 7: Teens@Work – A day of many lives (Fire side chat)

The millennial generation is a digital native and cyber savvy generation with an always connected mindset. This drives their expectations, aspirations and opportunities very differently from the earlier generations as they switch context constantly between their analog and digital lives all the time. This has changed the concept of meaningful work, gainful employment and social recreation areas. The session debates the so called Gig Economy through the lens of teenagers who live many roles and perform divergent tasks in a single day.

1400 Hrs

Opening Remarks by

Mr Sunit Sinha

Managing Director

Accenture Strategy Talent & Organization

1405 Hrs

Panel Discussion

Mr Samay Godika

National Public School – Koramangala

Winner- Breakthrough Junior Challenge




Mr Pratik Mohapatra

Winner of Microsoft 2019AI

Good Idea Challenge Award




Mr Nikhil Bhagath

Software Engineer, The Retail Insight

1445 Hrs



1455 Hrs

Closing Remarks by

Mr Sunit Sinha

1500 – 1600 Hrs

Session 8: Innovation from Basic Sciences – Fire side chat

The innovations from Basic Sciences have impacted our lives significantly for the last 100 years and there are some path breaking innovations from science now that may change our lives forever. Deep space exploration and life beyond earth; Systems Biology; Artificial organs; Bio fuels and Quantum computing are some of those disruptive innovations on the anvil. The fire side chat explores these inflection points in our life and national development and provides a peek into our new future in the next decade.

1500 Hrs

Opening Remarks by Session moderator

Dr Taslimarif Saiyed

Director & COO

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platform


1505 Hrs

Keynote Address

Prof Navakanta Bhat

Professor & Chairperson, Centre for Nanoscience and Engineering, IISc

1520 Hrs

Fire Side Chat

Mr Milind Shah

Ex MD of Medtronics

Prof S Ramakrishnan

Professor, Dept of Chemistry, IISc

1550 Hrs



1600 Hrs

Closing Remarks by

Dr Taslimarif Saiyed


1600 – 1640 Hrs:

Valedictory Session


1600 Hrs

Welcome remarks

Mr L Krishnan

Past Chairman, CII Karnataka &

Managing Director, TaeguTec India Pvt Ltd

1605 Hrs

Special Address by

Ms Dana Kursh

Consul General

Consulate General of the State of Israel

1615 Hrs

Summit sum-up by

Mr Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi (IVK)

Co-Founder and CTO, Crayon Data

1625 Hrs

Felicitation of Sponsors and Partners

Mr Ajay Nanavati

Core Group Member- India Innovation Summit &

Chairman, Syndicate Bank  

1635 Hrs

Announcing the Closing of 15th India Innovation Summit

Mr L Krishnan


1640 Hrs



1650 Hrs Tea/Coffee Break and End of 15th India Innovation Summit


* Invited / tentative