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About Innovation Summit

Since 2005, the India Innovation Summit has been the nation’s premier gathering place for thought leaders, innovators and investors from around the globe. Launching moonshots from Bangalore, the forum has been known for its core ethos: focusing all the creative forces at one point, the India Innovation Summit. Consciously and curiously connecting the infinite dots. Knowledge with the knack of a solution-seeker. Scattered sources of information with the insights we have garnered in our lifetime. Business with ethics. Thus magically transforming inventions into innovations; and investments into the imperative of economic, social and spiritual wealth of the nations.

The best minds have been coming – over and over – to the CII Innovation Summit to get a grip of the ideas that shape our lives and issues that challenge our times. Nearly 500 speakers and 5000 delegates have comprised the India Innovation Summit since its inception. Coming of time – and perfecting its timing, the 13th Innovation Summit is themed: The New Wealth of Nations – Reinventing Intellectual Capital. As ever, the summit strives to answer only one question: how can we live better. And happier.

13th Edition Of Indian Innovation Summit

In the current times of geopolitical rebalancing, innovation-led businesses became the prime driver of differentiation between the developed and developing nations. The asset-driven and regulation-based industries of the past era are giving into the innovation-centric and open market, digital businesses.

The leverage of vast human capital at our disposal in India puts us at a vantage point, while making us dependent on our own ability to ideate, create, network and collaborate with other nations to deliver the results on the ground. The theme of the 13th innovation summit, therefore, has rightly been chosen as: The new wealth of nations – Innovation and Intellectual capital. We strive to strengthen the spirit of the nation to build an ecosystem that fosters and celebrates innovation.

The subjects covered are: teens as innovators to disrupt the existing businesses, rise of machines and Future of Human Labour, India’s digital transformation into a cashless economy, the fault lines in e-commerce, innovation as a culture in our society, the rise of personalized/ precision medicine, the role of technology in education and finally framing innovation as a new state diplomacy.

To complement the conference themes, there is an exhibition arena co-located with the conference event to provide an experiential understanding of the real-world tools of the new wealth paradigm. The pavilions cover the spectrum of innovation by the Indian industry, representing the macro and micro level of the nation’s spirit, creativity and entrepreneurial zeal in a showcase.

The alchemists. Golden words.


R.V. Deshpande

Hon’ble Minister, Large and Medium Industries and Infrastructure, Government of Karnataka


Kris Gopalakrishnan

Chairman, India Innovation Summit; Past President, CII & Co-Founder, Infosys Ltd.


Kamal Bali

Vice Chairman, CII Karnataka State Council & MD, Volvo India


Gopichand Katragadda

Group CTO, Tata Sons


Rekha M Menon

Chairman, Accenture in India


Ambassador Robert Holleyman

Deputy , US Trade Representative


Ajay Nanavati

President, Grey Gurus Management Advisors LLP


Mayank Kumar

Founder and CEO, UpGrad


Bikram S. Sohal

CEO & Co-Founder, SavvyMob


Parminder Gill

Co-Founder and Head of Business, EduSports


Keshav Prawasi

Co-founder, niki.ai


Priyanka Agarwal

Co-Founder & CEO, Wishberry


K Ganesh

Serial Entrepreneur, Partner, GrowthStory.in and Chairman, Portea Medical


Shobu Yarlagadda

CEO & Co-Founder, Arka Mediaworks (P) Limited and Arka Connect


Brijraj Vaghani

Co-Founder and CEO, Birdseye systems


Arun Muthukumar

CEO & Co-founder, Linkstreet


Avnish Sabharwal

M D, Accenture in India


Rajni Mishra

CGM, State Bank of India, Bengaluru


Sabina Chopra

Co-Founder, Yatra and COO-Corporate Hotels


Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi

Co-Founder and CTO, Crayon Data


Vineet Chadha

Vineet Chadha, Partner, Tata Capital Innovations Fund


Srinivasa Katuri

Founder and M D, Transaction Analysts (India) Pvt. Ltd (TA)


Pankaj Jain

Partner, 500 Startups



Founder, droptaxi.in


Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan

We are in good company


Agenda for CII Innovation Summit 2017



Inaugural Session

Encompassing everything innovation has to offer, the topic: the new wealth of nations – innovation and intellectual capital is relevant and timely topic for both national wealth and the global leadership. The theme strives to address the spirit of nation building that lends to an ecosystem of innovation that is so critical to the future of the citizens in a digitally connected world. The inaugural session mainly features an address by the leaders of the state.


Special Session

The business leaders from across the world have their take on innovation and its impact on a nation.


Plenary Sessions on Learning to Fly – Innovation by Teens

When many of us were in our teens, summer projects, work for science fairs meant visit to a photocopier: copy, cut and paste photos and graphics on colorful presentation boards. Our hobbies translated to playing cricket (or its equivalent, baseball they call it), watching it on a TV, or playing it on a computer. The answer mostly is a function of our time-and-space coordinates. While much hasn’t changed today, we come across teenagers with creative, scientific minds that are building extraordinary devices, revolutionary materials and renewable technologies that might just dent the universe and change the planet for better. What’s fascinating about these development is that the teens @ innovation are not doing it for a science projects or an international Olympiad. They are simply creating -- the prototypes -- a better world for themselves. And, the trophies are coming in the form of seed funds and venture capital. In this session, we proudly showcase and understand the phenomenal Gene Why -- and Why Not from across the world that’s driving the Gen Y.




Plenary Sessions on Rise of machines and Future of Human Labor

The rise of machine-driven intelligence solutions that impact the human labour in various industries with varying degrees of scale. The machine-driven autonomous systems and assisted decision-support systems challenge the low-value adding repetitive jobs that are on one end of the work spectrum. But at the same time, intrude into the high value diagnostic-driven domain specialization arenas such as medicine and environmental sciences. A hybrid work force of machines and humans give rise to an existential question of the future of human labour and human intelligence. The session explores the trends, opportunities and challenges for human labour.


Plenary Sessions on All systems digital – A cashless move

The digital economy is disrupting the analog world by moving cash into a digital currency form. This is driving rural India embrace the digital world with mobile phone, digital wallet and biometric identity. This opens an under-served segment to main stream marketing and consumerism while providing the efficiency in the last mile for health, education and financial services. The session explores the contours of this new India both in terms of aspiration and anxiety for celebrating inclusion while losing anonymity.


Tea / Coffee


Plenary Sessions on Great Expectations – Scaling the consumption economy

The proliferation of e-commerce as the mainstream market place changed the dynamics of retailing in India. The rapid growth of mindshare and market share came at the cost of profits and high levels of capital infusion. With the tightening of risk capital and slackness for exit opportunities, the signs of stress are visible in e-commerce firms with layoffs, disputes and regulatory issues. The session debates the merits of the e-commerce business model when scale happens and the inevitable inflection points for sustainability of these businesses.


CII – 3M Student Challenge

The session highlights the top 3 of the CII-3M student challenge for innovation in the areas of innovation for national missions. The session concludes with an experience sharing by a renowned personality with a unique blend of artistic talent and technology expertise.


A Guru’s take on Spirituality and the Spirit of Innovation


Cocktails & Dinner


Keynote Address

The business leaders from across the world take on how innovation translates into intellectual capital and finally into the wealth of a nation.


Tea / Coffee


Plenary Sessions on Panel discussion on Society and Innovation

The panel explores the impact of different innovations on society with regards to beliefs, values and practices rooted in a nation’s culture. The concept of identity, the need for privacy and the strife for equality are important social and cultural dimensions for building a national wealth around innovation. The cross-border nature of economic activities, the connected nature of digital societies and the local identity of sub cultures and ethnic groups present a melting pot of divergent views on the role of innovation in society.


Session-6: Cure for All – A bridge too far?

One in three persons diagnosed with the disease do not survive beyond five years. This leaves a little scope for developing insights about the disease, the possible diagnosis and what works best for who. For instance, let us say, a drug has been found to be effective in treating relatively rare strain of cancer. The medicine not only has a significantly higher success rate than medicines for other cancers but also far fewer side effects because its potency is trained on specific cancer cells. The rise of personalized/ precision medicine is revolutionizing the way doctors and pharmaceutical companies approach diseases. Using genetic sequencing, medical professionals are now able to separate people with similar symptoms into far narrower groups and target medicines at them. Which could perhaps translate into: the doctor cures, the self-heals.


Plenary Session on Learning to unlearn – A digital immigrant’s dilemma

For once we can believe that technology can change the world since education and learning industry has embraced technology. New skills and passion for constant learning are becoming increasingly rewarding. A new ecosystem is greatly impacting and, in some cases, redefining, established systems and institutions. In its report, Understanding Knowledge Societies, the United Nations describes knowledge economies as those societies in which information and the creation of knowledge have replaced industrial production as the main contributor to GDP. To multiply the wealth of nations, this session discusses how businesses and governments can integrate ICT into their core processes to increase efficiency, expand the scope and reach their services and improve productivity.




Plenary Sessions on Framing Innovation – A new state diplomacy

The innovation framework of a nation is at the core of wealth creation paradigm for any state. The need for policy enablement for public good and its balancing act with protecting competitiveness of the industry gives rise to many fissures in international relations. This clash of national interest with international trade results in clash of patents, trade policies and tax regimes and it is this fine act of diplomacy which drives the nation’s innovation framework. The session analyses the social, moral and legal aspects of this framework as well as the business imperatives to bring out an informed and unbiased view.


Valedictory Session


Announcing Closing of 13thIndia Innovation Summit


Tea/ Coffee

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Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru

Date : 13th & 14th July

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